Rapunzel is the main character and voice of the third book in the series, Once Upon a Tale. Although she is a princess, she too finds herself in the posistion wheer she has begun to doubt the Fairy Godmother and she joins the rebellion. Whilst on a mission, she falls in love with a merman, and at the end of the book she gives up her hair to live in the sea.


  • Name: Rapunzel
  • Age: 16
  • DOB: 25/07/1998
  • First Appearance: Once Upon A Death
  • Last Appearance: Once Upon A Tale
  • Relatives: 'Mother' (Witch), Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased)
  • Relationships: Prince Charming, Cai
  • Enemies: Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming
  • Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Hazel