Rosalie Fighting

Rosalie Johnson (otherwise known as Red Riding Hood) is the main character and voice of Once Upon A Death, the second book in the trilogy. Since the 'killing' of her beloved werewolf, Lucas (who she later finds out was not killed but in fact imprisoned in a silver mine), she had her mind set on revenge, but on finding that her lover is not dead, she  becomes a leader of the revolution alongside Goldilocks, campaigning for fair tales, and is one of the main participants in the war against Good.


  • Name: Rosalie Johnson
  • Age: 18
  • DOB: 09/08/1995
  • First Appearance: Once Upon A Life
  • Last Appearance: Once Upon A Tale
  • Relatives: Mother (Desceased), Father (Deceased)
  • Relationships: Lucas (Former Fiancee), Robin (lover for a time)
  • Enemies: Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, Three Pigs, Three Bears
  • Hair Colour: Red
  • Eye Colour: Green

Relationships Edit

  • Lucas - Before the books begin, Rosalie and Lucas grew up together in a small village around thirty miles from the City of Righteousness. Around the age of fifteen (Rosalie is non-specific regarding their age when recounting the story), they feel in love and got together. When they were around the age of