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Silvercurls is Goldilock's sister, and she is the main reason that Goldilocks starts to hunt down Prince Charming. She is kind and selfless, but also cannot abide any form of harm, like most typical fairytale damsels. However this can be a bad thing as it means that she cannot fight and often needs saving.


  • Name: Silvercurls
  • Age: 15
  • DOB: 17/09/1998
  • First Appearance: Once Upon a Life
  • Last Apperance: Once Upon a Tale
  • Relatives: Mother (deceased), Father (unknown), Aunty Em (deceased), Uncle Matt (deceased), Goldilocks - Sister
  • Relationships: Prince Charming (brief affair), Prince Howard (fiancee)
  • Enemeies: Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, most of Goldilocks' enemies
  • Hair Colour: Silver
  • Eye Colour: Unknown